WWW Warrior #2 - Sarah Prout & Sean Patrick Simpson

Who: Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson (co-founders of Älska Publishing). Älska means 'to Love'. Co-Founders Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson met and fell in love… on Twitter! When their worlds collided from opposite ends of the planet their missions were united into conscious business practice founding the company in early 2011.

Where: We're based in Melbourne, Australia. (Visit: http://alskapublishing.com or http://adventuresinmanifesting.org)

What: Älska (elsh~ka) is one of the world's fastest growing personal growth/metaphysical publishers. Our bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series now has over 30,000 books in print in just under 12 months.

When: We started Älska in 2011.  

Why: To inspire and empower people to create their best lives. 
We team up with the most empowering and inspiring authors and thought leaders: from visionaries to change makers, these are the people who are spreading consciousness throughout the world. Experience the bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series and give yourself the gift of inspiration.

W for Wellbeing Thoughts:  
Their book, Adventures In Manifesting - Love and Oneness (From a series of five) includes 32 stories to align with the power of love. These inspire your soul and create inner peace and harmony to be happy ever after. The stories are realistic and offer a guide for my own journey. My plan is to read the series.  Their websites are informative and appealing.

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