WWW Warrior #1 - Lee Holmes

Who: Lee Holmes, Author, Holistic Health Coach and creator of www.superchargedfood.com

Where: Sydney :: Australia & www.superchargedfood.com

Lee - Lee Holmes is the founder of Supercharged Food, an altruistic website to help people expand their range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. Lee is currently a writer for Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics Blog koraorganics.com, and a columnist with Wellbeing Magazine where her column “Quick Kitchen” appears in each issue. Her recipe book Supercharged Food is out now through Murdoch Books ($34.99) or you can buy it direct from www.superchargedfood.com/shop

Website - Supercharge Your Life...
Are you looking to spring clean your diet with a nutritious eating plan? Supercharged food is an altruistic website to help you expand your range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. The main purpose of the site is to provide classic yet easy to prepare yummy recipes which are all gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free. If you are feeling low in energy, run-down, tired and fatigued, Supercharged food can help you feel fabulous again. By offering insights on nutrient-rich foods and by using food as medicine the program restores health at cellular level, giving you more energy, vitality and reducing the risk of illness. You can also read interesting health articles, create a shopping list and weekly food planner and submit your favourite recipes too!

Book - Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes is a simple and inspiring guide to eating for optimum health. It features more than 90 recipes that are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free, each bursting with nutrient-rich or ‘super’ foods that will help nourish and heal your body. 

When: The Website began on 1/7/2010.

Why: I started sharing recipes with friends and family and the easiest way to do this was through the internet so I created a website called www.superchargedfood.com to enable my friends to find the recipes whenever they needed them. The website became more and more popular and then friends of friends were sharing the recipes and it just grew from there.

The principal behind Supercharged Food is to use food as medicine to heal the body at cellular level. This is done by finding the foods that work for you. If you have food intolerances or allergies - have tests or do a food elimination diet to find out what those foods are and avoid them as they cause inflammation and an immune response in the body. Supercharged Food is about eating as healthily as possible, banishing fatigue, providing more energy and bringing out the best in you. Keeping processed foods to a minimum and combining nutrient rich super-foods into your diet helps to supercharge your health.

W for Wellbeing Thoughts:
Lee's book is vibrant & inspirational. Her explanations of what constitutes Supercharged food & their benefits are clear & very thorough. The recipes illustrate Lee's beliefs & research. The book is organised in sections & beautifully illustrated. Lee's website is visually appealing & contains similar information to her book, Supercharged Food.

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