W-Guest #1 - Julia

Who: Julia

Where: Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs :: Australia

What: I have a double degree - Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama & Media and a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary). I take dance classes in a variety of styles. I enjoy going to the theatre, concerts, the beach, walking, tennis, skiing and spending time with family and friends.
I am a Secondary School Teacher, Year Level Coordinator, the Performing Arts Coordinator and Director of the School Musical Productions. I teach Drama, Dance, Media and Pastoral Care which is like a wellbeing type course. I have also taught Health. In the classroom these subjects look at developing the creative mind, the development of oneself, intra-personal and inter-personal skills, learning to communicate and express yourself, developing a range of skills for life. As Drama and Dance are practical subjects, theory and techniques are covered in looking after the body, voice and nutrition. The students explore issues related to all facets of life - social, political, historical and create performance pieces based on themes or issues, which make points or raise questions for the audience.
Directing the musical productions gives the teenagers confidence, learn performance skills, work in a team, take direction & make new friends. It's a very important part of the experience!
As a year level coordinator I have to work in a team supporting the sub-school and am responsible for carrying out duties such as uniform, attendance, the progress of the student in their subjects for the year levels I'm responsible for. There is an emphasis on the wellbeing/welfare of the students and I liaise with the Wellbeing/Welfare coordinator if students are at risk.

When: Began teaching in 2001.

Why: I teach because I am passionate about my subjects and passing on the knowledge they provide, helping develop young people to have creative minds and develop life long skills. I especially like to see young people develop confidence in themselves.

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