WWW Warrior #5 - Natalie Kringoudis

Who: Natalie Kringoudis. I'm a Dr of Chinese Medicine (herbalist and acupuncturist), natural fertility educator, writer and speaker. I've been fortunate enough to have features in many of the major publications like Marie Claire, Cosmo, Pregnancy magazines and Body and Soul. I've also been on the Morning Show as their natural health expert.

Where: I established my own women's health and natural fertility clinic, The Pagoda Tree in Melbourne in 2003. www.thepagodatree.com.au
You'll find me online on my blog - www.melbournenaturalfertility.com.au.
I'm also on -  
twitter: NatKringoudis - https://twitter.com/NatKringoudis 
instagram: nattykringoudis

What: My site helps people to become the most healthiest, fertile version of themselves. It educates the ins and outs around fertility - which isn't limited to babies but extends to women's health (PCOS/Endometrosis) as well as men's fertility and wellness. It is about helping people be at their best. Fertility is an extension of ones overall health - for me it is about helping people understand their bodies better and connect with themselves.  

When: I started my blog in Feb 2010.

Why: Felt like a fun thing to do at the time! It was just as blogs were becoming cool. I thought, 'why not?' I never anticipated it would become what it is today. It's almost like a full time job in itself! And I have a full time job already! But it gives people who would never have access to alternative health advice the opportunity to get educated and ensure they are making the best decisions for their health. Nobody knows how you feel but you, and so wellness starts within. It takes commitment and support. I can offer all of this via the blog.

I relish any opportunity to educate women on the use of alternative therapies and nutrition. This is how I arrived at my first book, Fertilise Yourself, which is available from the iBookstore and as e-book - here http://melbournenaturalfertility.com.au/fertilise-yourself/.  
Since its release, I've gone on to co-write a new book called, Eat Fat, Be Thin with Andi Lew, which is due on shelves 3 December. The e-book version and more information is available here - http://www.eatfatbethin.com.au/ and on the facebook site here http://www.facebook.com/EatFatBeThinSugarFreeDairyFreeWheatFreeRecipes?fref=ts
W for Wellbeing Thoughts:  
Natalie's blog is visually appealing & contains a plethora of ideas, recipes & facts. Each day I am inspired by her new posts. I look forward to my copy of Eat Fat, Be Thin. 

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