W Awareness #4 - World Prematurity Day :: Australia

Who: World Prematurity Day - November 17, 2012 :: National Premmie Foundation.
Where: Australia wide.

What: Saturday 17th November 2012 is World Prematurity Day and the National Premmie Foundation is once again participating in the international campaign to raise awareness of preterm birth. We are asking people throughout Australia to get behind World Prematurity Day. In 2011, the Empire State Building was lit up purple and it will do so again in 2012 with other buildings from around the world. This year in Australia, the Questacon building in Canberra, is lighting up purple. You can be a part of our “light it up purple” campaign in Australia by purchasing a National Premmie Foundation candle and lighting it at 7pm in your own home.
The National Premmie Foundation (NPF) is the peak body in Australia for charitable organisations that operate to provide support to families who experience premature birth or neonatal loss. With member groups across Australia, the NPF is the largest organisation in Australia representing the interests of families of preterm infants.

The National Premmie Foundation was formed in 2007. The first World Prematurity Day was held two years ago and is held every year on November 17th.

Each year Worldwide 13 million babies are born too soon. Approximately 23,000 of these babies are born in Australia. We want everyone to honour the 15 million babies who struggled to survive this year and over 1 million babies who sadly lost their fight for life.
The rate of preterm birth is increasing and yet the general public knows little about the prevention of preterm birth and the problems and risks involved in the development of a preterm infant. Preterm or premature birth, birth before 37 weeks gestation is the second leading cause of newborn death globally. Babies who survive an early birth often face the increased risk of health challenges such as breathing problems, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and many other hurdles. For many families, preterm birth brings with it neonatal or infant loss. So we want you to join the campaign to raise awareness of the issues these vulnerable newborns and their families face.

To participate:
  • Purchase your very own candle for our “Light it up purple” campaign via our online store
  • Join the official World Prematurity Day Facebook page and add your story
  • Light your candle on the 17th November 2012 @ 7pm; take a photo of you and your family with the candle and post it on the NPF Facebook event page and the Official World Prematurity Facebook page.
  • Make a donation online so that the National Premmie Foundation can continue its important work or simply in honour of someone whose life has been touched by a preterm birth.

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