W Awareness #6 - Jay Allen :: SUNBEDBAN.COM

Who: I'm Jay Allen, a married 37 year old father of 4 children and a stage 3 melanoma survivor.

Where: I currently live in Sydney, NSW Australia.

On line I am an anti solarium campaigner, who feels my solarium use contributed to my melanoma. So want to do all I can to ban solariums around the world. 
Website - www.sunbedban.com
I began my campaign to ban solariums around the world in December 2008.
So far I have had success with NSW and South Australia announcing bans in the coming years.
I do not want anyone else to endure what I have gone through, if I can help it.
It's a very scary journey to be on. 
A solarium is any tanning unit that a person might use to tan their skin using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Other names for solariums include sunbeds, sunlamps or tanning beds.
Solarium tans are not safe tans. UV radiation from solariums can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Solariums can also cause eye damage and immediate skin damage such as sunburn, irritation, redness and swelling. A solarium tan won’t protect your skin from natural UV radiation when you go out in the sun. 

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