W Guidelines

W for Wellbeing is not for any monetary or business purposes. No money, products or services are exchanged for content posted on the blog (or Facebook Page). The aim is to share the www warriors which inspire my journey, in the hope that they may also inspire others to look at different ways of doing positive things for wellbeing. As well as sharing the WWW Warriors, I include a variety of other related sites. I have an open mind when it comes to reading & learning about health & wellbeing. Personal experience or interest in all areas may not be the case. I am not anti-western medicine, nor am I advocating any one particular path or method. Where possible, I am trying to include worldwide information, although many times you will see Australian or U.S.A. based posts. All content & images within each of the blog posts - WWW Warrior, W-Guest & W Awareness - are as sent by the specific person/organization featured. I do not alter any content before or after uploading, unless a reason is agreed upon. Please do not take or use any content from the blog (or the Facebook Page). I encourage you to click the Share button on the blog & Facebook instead. Be respectful of all content & those who own it.

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